Morphogenesis of Macro-Algae Team


- Genetic analysis of morphological mutants (Le Bail et al., Plant Cell 2011)

- Single-cell transcriptomics through Laser Capture Microdissection (Saint-Marcoux et al, Front Plant Sci 2015)

- Morphological characterisation of mutants: morphometry (cell sizes), tissue patterning (cell differentiation along the filament, branching pattern) (Le Bail et al., J. Phycol 2008; Le Bail et al, Plant Cell 2011)

- Assessment of cell wall Elastic Modulus by Atomic force microscopy (Tesson & Charrier, Front Plant Sci 2014)

- Real-time observation of filamentous growth by Time Lapse microscopy

- Modeling and simulation of developmental patterning (Billoud et al., Funct Plant Biol 2008)

- Mutated gene mapping using SSR or SNP markers genotyping (Billoud et al., Front Plant Sci 2015)

- Pharmacological treatments: drugs disrupting or stabilizing the cytoskeleton

- Culture and mutagenesis in Ectocarpus (Le Bail & Charrier, Methods Mol Biol 2013)

- Normalisation of RNA transcripts by Q-PCR (Le Bail et al., BMC Mol Biol 2008)

Last edited 20/03/2015