Morphogenesis of Macro-Algae Team



During growth of the initial filament, the apical cell elongates and divides. It ensures the primary growth of the filament. As a result, a sub-apical daughter elongated cell is produced. Subsequently, this elongated cell gets oblong and eventually becomes fully round (it takes 2-3 days).


Based on the change of shapes, we defined 3 cell types: Elongated (E), Intermediary (I) and Round (R).  Based on their growth activity, we defined two additional cell types; Apical cells (A) which ensure the axial growth, and Branching cells (B) which promotes a change of growth axis by the production of a branch.

To identify the endogenous and exogenous factors involved in the A->B cell differentiation process, we need to answer these questions (non exhaustive):

- Do basic physical parameters of the cell change ? Cell volume, internal pressure?

- Do the physical parameters of the cell wall (~kind of exoskeleton) change ? Stiffness, smoothness ?

- Does the intracellular organisation change ? Cytoskeleton, organelles, nucleus position ?

- Does the photosynthetic cell status change ? Where is the energy produced ?

- Do gene expression profiles change ? Is the change of shape concomittant with a change of gene expression ?

Last edited 02/12/2014