Morphogenesis of Macro-Algae Team


MMA is founder member of the European COST Action "Advancing knowledge in seaweed growth and development" (2014-2018).

The main objective of the Action is to unify a scattered European research landscape to
increase the basic knowledge on seaweed development and growth, and to ensure efficient transfer to aquaculture RTD bodies. The Action gathers >20 European and non-European (USA, India and Japan) academic and R&D partners.

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"From the emergence of multicellularity to complex body architectures: update and perspectives on the biological mechanisms involved in macroalgal development".

Special issue in the open access journal Frontiers in Plant Science- Evolution & Development

by B. Charrier, J.C. Coates & R.R. Robaina

15 articles  published.

See authors, abstract and link to open access publications here:

The green seaweed Ulva: a model system to study morphogenesis

Localization of causal locus in the genome of the brown macroalga Ectocarpus: NGS-based mapping and positional cloning approaches

Exploring bacteria-induced growth and morphogenesis in the green macroalga order Ulvales (Chlorophyta)

On reproduction in red algae: further research needed at the molecular level

Production of genetically and developmentally modified seaweeds: exploiting the potential of artificial selection techniques

Plant architecture without multicellularity: quandaries over patterning and the soma-germline divide in siphonous algae

Laser capture microdissection in Ectocarpus siliculosus: the pathway to cell-specific transcriptomics in brown algae

Understanding “green” multicellularity: do seaweeds hold the key?

Polyamines in morphogenesis and development: a promising research area in seaweeds

Photopolarization of Fucus zygotes is determined by time sensitive vectorial addition of environmental cues during axis amplification

Regulation of gametogenesis and zoosporogenesis in Ulva linza (Chlorophyta): comparison with Ulva mutabilis and potential for laboratory culture

Development and Characterization of Somatic Hybrids of Ulva reticulata Forsskål (×) Monostroma oxyspermum (Kutz.)Doty

Rac1 signaling in the establishment of the fucoid algal body plan

Multicellularity in green algae: upsizing in a walled complex

A technical breakthrough close at hand: feasible approaches toward establishing a gene-targeting genetic transformation system in seaweeds

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